Thursday, 15 October 2009

Is This It Room On Fire The first Impression of The earth

Last Nite, when Evening Sun On The Other Side of Heart In Cage. The Modern Age Ask Me Anything, What Ever Happenned to New York City Cops.It is Under Control Vision of Division. Someday, 15 Minutes from 12:51 you will Meet Me In The Bathroom with Alone,Together and it is Barely Legal. Between Love & Hate we try to Killing Lies and I Can`t Win. The Fear Of Sleep is really Hard To Explain because You Talk Way Too Much till The End Has No End. Electricityscape make the Automatic Stop at the Red Light. Is This It the Juicebox that you should Take It Or Leave It with the Razorblade. You still Trying Your Luck because you know that You Only Live Once and live The Way It Is.Then, Ize The World of Soma and Reptilia.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Malam Selingkar Kasih Ke-24

Ni kat majlis perpisahan budak-budak tingkatan lima Sekolah Seri Puteri di Dewan Seri Endon. Sebagai abang mithali maka aku dengan rasminya telah mengambil kembali kembali adindaku yang telah diserahkan kepada bonda pengetua SSP pada lima tahun yang lepas. Sayu je rase. He.. Tambah lagi bila tengok diorang nyanyi dengan riak yang jernih memang menyentuh perasaan la. Orion! Korang memang bukan bintang biasa. Buat aku teringat je kat zaman aku sekolah dulu. Tapi, aku punya majlis perpisahan pun tak adalah macam tu sekali. Jeles aku. To mira, enjoy your last days at your school. I bet you gonna miss it. This is the time for you to create the moment with your friends and don't forget that your real life is about to begin. So, treasure it. All the best!
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