Saturday, 27 December 2008

A Bouquet Of Roses

I plant a seed of roses
In the best soil I choose
I pour water on it every morning
With the best water I dip
I sow a little manure sometimes
Which I get from the best source

My plant has grown
Day by day I seen its sprout
With straight and strong trunk
The delicate twigs have sprung
The green leaves have arised
And young flowers have coming out
Make it beautiful on eyes

My plant now look amazing
With the yellow roses around
So many eye-cathing blossoms
It is really dense
And the very fragrant its spread along
Thanks God it is well-grown

One day I cut some roses
Make it a bouquet
I tie it with red ribbon
Put it in a fresh water
In my room beside the window

I hope God bestows me dream tonight
A magnificent and mystic one
I wanted to bring my bouquet of yellow roses To give to my Loved one The one and only My beloved Muhammad (peace be upon him)...

God, let my roses always fresh and fragrant....

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sail with She

She is MV Fajar Samudera.
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